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Real World-Class Muay Thai & Self Defense Instruction

     OutFox Martial Arts have professional instructors to motivate you and keep you on track to...

Meet Your Ultimate Goal

     Keep in mind, results don’t happen overnight, but you will start feeling the benefits right away. People get bored going to the gym, walking/jogging running on treadmills, etc. They can spend all their time at a regular gym doing cardio and weights, but they'll never learn how to really defend themselves in a real fight...

Which is above all the main reason why Mixed Martial Arts was invented in the first place

     Imagine being able to save your friends or loved ones from harm, and how they would feel!? You'll be an Unstoppable - Butt-Kicking Machine.

     Muay Thai boxing was developed centuries ago by the ancient warriors of Thailand. For ages it was kept a...

Closely Guarded Secret.

     Today, Muay Thai classes are taught to Navy SEALS, and elite military units and law enforcement agencies across the globe. Obviously these are people who need the best self-defense methods. We teach you systems that have been tested in Real Life by an instructor who has successfully competed in Muay Thai kickboxing, MMA, and self defense... 

Not Just In Exercised Theory.

     Most kickboxing schools have unquilified instructors/coaches teaching cardio kickboxing or a best, an instructor with no credentials brainwashing their students into thinking that they can do the things they show them. At Team Lloyd Irvin/OutFox Martial Arts, ALL of our instructors have World class Mui Thai training, back up by real life...in the trenches... live street fighting... and competion action.

     Many kick boxing gyms claim to be able to create Muay Thai Champions, when in fact  they've never done it. Not only do our instructors have certified National and World title Thai boxing accomplishments...

But they have also helped many individuals just like you, help to reach their maximum mental and physical potentials, in martial arts and in their daily life.


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