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William Varner

 William Varner

     William Varner started studying Martial Arts and Kodakan Judo in 1976 while his father was stationed at Misawa Air Base, Japan. William went on to achieve 1st degree black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, 2nd degree black in Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwon Do, 5th degree black belt Shaolin Kempo.

      William started teaching martial arts in 1985. He has trained Karate champions too numerous to list. When William opened up his own school in 1990, he was training Kickboxing and Muay Thai. He started producing Muay Thai champions by 1997, including three individuals who won the national (amateurs) championships 3 times in a row and have also produced many amateur MMA champions since 1997 as well.

      Besides Submission Grappling and Thai KickBoxing William also teaches, Kempo Karate for kids, Filipino Weaponry (Arnis), Yoga, and Chi-Lin Kungfu. He and his wife have had much success in teaching children, many of whom have gone onto receive their black belts and become positive contributors to their communities.


  • State collegiate Karate (brown belt) champion in 1985
  • AAU state Karate (black belt) champion in 1987
  • Southeast U.S. Kempo Black Belt divsion champion in 1992
  • 1999 USAKF National Sanshou gold medal at -150lbs
  • International Pro-Ams of Grappling in 2000 at Raleigh NC.


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