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Quality MMA Training For ALL Levels Of Fitness


Why Train At OutFox Mixed Martial Arts?


     At OutFox MMA, you learn REAL MMA and Self Defense - Most schools will only teach you the physical part of fighting, completely ignoring what often separates the winners from everyone else...

The Mindset Training

     You'll be able to defend yourself and your loved ones from harm, and learn what to expect when adrenaline floods your body during a confrontation and how to handle the "mental" game and the extreme fatigue that sets in during a fight.

     Virginia Beach's OutFox MMA Academy is lead by superior instructors with competition-tested experience and the highest level of knowledge. Our program is designed for...

All Levels Of Fitness

     Even if you have NEVER EXERCISED A DAY IN YOUR LIFE, that is not a problem at OutFox MMA. Our martial arts expertise combined with our experience and knowledge in physical fitness have helped students lose weight and get into shape, as well as become champions.

     We will guide you on the journey to success, steadily and gratifyingly! I am so confident that you will love OutFox Mixed Martial Arts that I am willing to offer you a full 30 Days FREE no strings attached, no commitment, no money down. The only thing you have to do is call, walk in the door, and start our free trial. The hardest step is the first one.

The simple FACT is that ANYBODY can come into this academy, be greeted with a warm smile, get treated with the utmost respect, and get the opportunity to receive great training.



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    Muay Thai is a martial art originating from Thailand, which has gained immense popularity over the decades. Being a professional Muay Thai fighter requires agility, endurance and speed as they use four limbs against their opponents. The fighters can use their fist, feet, elbow, and knees to strike making it ideal for self-defense. Incorporating Muay Thai in your fitness workout will help you with building your stamina and strength.

  • 20 Jan Virginia Beach Self-Defense-MMA

    MMA an advancement of the traditional martial arts has gained immense popularity for Self-Defense over the past decade. It is a regulated full body contact combat sport between two fighters that are highly trained in different forms of Martial Arts. However, you don't have to be a pro to use MMA for self defense.  MMA employs striking and grappling techniques from different martial arts perspective such as Jiu Jitsu, Thai boxing, karate, boxing and many others.

  • 12 Jan Kickboxing Classes Virginia Beach

    Techniques of Muay Thai have been forged over centuries through warfare and fighters that had the ability to dismantle their opponents. An art is time-tested and can be highly effectual in situations requiring self-defense. The proper execution of these techniques was crucial, as it wasn’t a matter of winning or losing in ancient times but rather a means of survival in the battlefield.

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