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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Learn How to Intelligently Defend Yourself on the Ground & Get in Unbelievable Shape!

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If you are ready to learn self-defense, gain more confidence, and learn how to protect yourself from an attacker much bigger than you are then you have come to the right place.

     It does not matter what shape you are in we have a program that can help get you in better shape. We have people from all ages that come to our gym to lose weight and learn effective self defense. Men, women, teens and families all come to Virginia Beach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to learn how to achieve their goals.

     OutFox Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or "Gracie Jiu Jitsu" as it is often called, comes from the legendary Gracie Family of Brazil. BJJ was made famous by its use in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) back in the early '90s by Gracie Family member Royce Gracie. BJJ uses chokes and joint locks to subdue an attacker rather than punching and kicking them.

     At OutFox, we will take you through the steps of learning the amazing martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We specialize in training complete beginners, so no experience is necessary! You can be in your 50's, you can be overweight or out of shape, it doesn't matter. We will walk you through everything in baby steps.


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OutFox Seminar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt & Pan American Champion Danny Ives 


       If you’re new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you’re in for a big surprise...    

     In your very first class, you’re going to discover that BJJ skills are not only super fun to learn, but they’re a fantastic way to get in amazing shape. Our Jiu Jitsu classes will give you the one of the best workouts you’ve ever had … and you’ll have a blast every minute of every class!

Our program can help you...   

•    Get ripped with strong functional muscles…

•    Learn how to use your arms, legs, back and core for optimum power…

•    Improved flexibility…

•    Lose weight

•    Dramatically improve cardio and endurance…    

     Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re going to quickly discover there is a new sexier, leaner and stronger body waiting to be unleashed inside of you. That’s because BJJ training offers you the best in full-body exercise. It’s strength training, stretching, cardio and all-over fitness all wrapped into one.

 Get started taking advantage of this incredible way to fast track your health and wellbeing…

Are You New To Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

We Have the Ultimate BJJ White Belt Beginner's Course    

     We’re proud to announce the ultimate BJJ program for the true beginner. Regardless of your physical condition or level of experience, our White Belt Basics Program is designed to take you by the hand and open the world of Gracie Jiu Jitsu to you in the most satisfying way ever.

     No matter what your specific goals are, we have classes that are designed to meet the needs of a brand new student attending for the very first time. You’ll absolutely love the easy and relaxed environment we have set up in our beginner fundamental classes. It will allow you to come in and learn no matter what type of shape you are in.      

     Once per month you get a printed curriculum, outlining what your instructors are focusing on that month -- which we've proven GREATLY increases the "learning curve" of all our students! Other school instructors will just do "whatever they feel like" instead of following a PROVEN SYSTEM that produces champions (Just imagine a high-end University where students invest over $100,000.00 for a 4-year education that didn’t have a curriculum and teachers just came in and did “whatever” with no structure whatsoever!)  

 Our school is all about SYSTEMATIC training and helping other people in the local area of Virginia Beach/Norfolk - look better, feel better, and accomplish things they never once thought possible.


Uncover the Cutting-Edge Techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Self Defense and Competition

100% Of All Fights Start  Standing... But Almost 95% Of Them Go To The Ground

     At OutFox MMA, we teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sombo, Judo, and Submission Wrestling. BJJ concentrates on dominating your opponent by using angles, leverage, technique and superior body positioning to control an opponent’s body movement. A person that has a superior position is in a better situation to apply a finishing hold or to start striking.

     This style allows for a smaller person to defeat a much larger...stronger attacker. Jiu Jitsu is excellent for women who are often taken to the ground during assaults. We recommend this style for men, women, and children looking for a great workout and realistic self defense.

You'll master sneaky submission holds you can use to end a fight in whatever position you find yourself -- on top or "stuck" on your back!

How To Stand-Up Properly In A Street Fight (if you don’t know how to stand up properly in fight, you are leaving yourself open to get knocked out or even worse)

How to viciously reverse the tables on your opponent if you're taken down (BJJ/GJJ is one of the only martial arts that teaches you how to end the fight -- even in a "bad" position like being trapped on your back underneath your attacker!)

You'll discover devastating chokes, arm locks, leg locks & other brutal submissions that are amazingly simple and easy to learn -- and work for anyone of ANY size or strength level because they're based on leverage and techniques!

How to "neutralize" your attacker(s) ... without ... leaving a single mark (an especially important skill to have for law enforcement or "bouncers" who have to defend themselves while being careful about lawsuites ,etc )

How Close Combat Skills can save your life -- If someone were to attack you, grab your clothes, go for your weapon, or try to stop you from helping a loved one, wouldn’t you like to know how to take the person out and make sure he never even think about harming you or your family again?

You'll Master "Universal" Techniques That Work For Both Self-Defense And Competition (Some students want to learn how to defend themselves while others want to also compete; here at OutFox MMA Academy we’ll teach you how to kick butt no matter where you are, on the streets or on the mats!)

You'll master breaking your attacker's grips on you and how to use your own grips to tie up and even submit your opponent at will!   


 Grappling is FUN first and foremost and doesn’t require any previous experience. Anyone can do it, big people, small people, young people, older people, flexible people, non flexible people, experienced people, non experienced people, ANYONE. We offer Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Martial Arts Classes For Children.


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