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Muay Thai Kickboxing

Attention: People of Hampton Roads... Are you ready to experience to MOST dominating stand up Martial Arts in the world?




Our Beginner Muay Thai Kickoxing classes in Virginia Beach Focus on Physical Conditioning and Cardiovascular Benefits, as well as Effective Offense and Defense Techniques.

Take your fitness, self defense and Muay Thai boxing fighting skills to the next level

     Whether you have a specific goal in mind or just want to look and feel better, we can help you get there. We are here to teach, support, and encourage you in learning this enjoyable form of sport and fitness.

     Haven’t you always wanted to be that guy that all the people talk about when you walk into the room? When you look in the mirror don’t you want to be able to see that six pack the fighters in the UFC have? At OutFox Muay Thai gym our self defense programs are designed to help you get you cut, and...

Learn How To Stop the Biggest Guy In there Tracks!

     In no time at all you can be learning the same fighting techniques the UFC fighters use when they step into the ring. Imagine walking down the street and knowing no one could take advantage of you without sending them to the hospital. You will know that you can keep your family and yourself protected at all times!!

     Ladies, Do you want to have that smoking hot body? Our Thai kickboxing course can help get you in amazing shape!! We provide the right workout to help you lose the weight, gain the muscle and look the way you have always wanted to look.  

Our step by step program can help you cut inches off your waist.

     When you come to Virginia Beach Muay Thai kickboxing you will see the people here and know this is the place for you. You can look great in those dresses you haven't worn in years!!  


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..."Kru Jose' Villarisco is my Ultimate mentor for the sport."

*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


... "I've lost 30lbs in less than 3 months!"


*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


Muay Thai Training Methods Develop Power, Speed, and Endurance

As Well As Superior Masterful Martial Arts Technique To Help Get You Into the Best Possible Shape.


At Muay Thai Kickboxing in Virginia Beach...

     You’ll learn how to produce so much Annihilating Power in your Thai Boxing Kicks and Strikes that People Will Fear You.

     The power and speed of Muay Thai kicks are out of this world and you’ll learn why. We will teach you the mechanics of kicking and punching properly, how to move your feet and head, both offensively and defensively. Muay Thai Boxing is also quite safe thanks to our advanced pad training, where you will learn how to use all your striking effectively, with poise, and precision.

     Thai Kickboxing is comprised of Five Elements for self defense: Punches, Kicks, Knees, Elbows and Clinching to Wear Down and Crush Your Opponent.


OutFox Kickboxing Highlight Fights
With Lisa Graham, Josh Word, CJ Huguley, Daniel Davis, Rickey Lawrence & Crissy Tyquiengco


You Don't Have to Fight In the Ring To Get In Shape and Look Good!

     Who are some of the most conditioned athletes with amazing physiques? Take a glance at gymnasts, wrestlers (not the WWE kind), Muay Thai Kickboxers and Mixed Martial Artists. What do all of them have in common and how will this apply to the non-competitor?

1.    Muscle Endurance:  The training involved in making an athlete able to perform repeated tasks. Besides the obvious health benefit involved with these exercises the benefit of your appearance are obvious. This is often referred to as toning in the fitness community.

2.    Cardio Vascular Endurance:  This is obtained by training the body to work at its’ highest efficiency by exercising the heart and lungs so that they will be able to provide the energy to the muscles to perform the desired.  Calories are consumed as the fuel for the body which results in weight loss.

3.    Strength:  The function of each necessary muscle group is increased. In most cases this slightly enlarges the muscles. This is why the muscle begins to show coupled with the Cardio and Muscle Endurance the visibility of muscles becomes apparent, as well as lowering the visibility of fat.

4.    Flexibility:  Unlike your typical recreational weightlifter, Muay Thai Kickboxing exercises always require that the athlete stay limber enough to perform the range of motion needed to perform the task at hand.

5.    Weight Control: This in an integral part of any activity, especially in combat sports. Athletes normally need to maintain a certain weight to stay in their desired weight classification. Professional Muay Thai Kickboxers are extremely familiar with creating nutritional plans to help maintain or lose weight.

Muay Thai mitt training


Thai Kickboxing drills

 Now Is The Time To Take Control Of Your Own Destiny!

     Your shape and current physical condition does not matter to us. You do not need to know anything at all about Muay Thai. All you need is a...

Eagerness To Learn

     If you are positive, dedicated and consistent, our beginners' Muay Thai boxing program can show you results much faster than you thought possible. With our Muay Thai boxing classes in Virginia Beach, not only can help you lose weight, but can also...

Experience the mental and physical "rush" that comes with Muay Thai Kickboxing training (not only is it exciting, but it's a whole lot of FUN too!)

Get into kick-butt shape - and quickly. Many of the world's strongest and best-conditioned athletes are Muay Thai fighters-we'll show you how they did it)

Develop "functional muscles" not bulky do-nothing muscles (you can become a lean, mean, fighting machine and get even STRONGER than you were before, even if you're a weight lifter)

Learn a Thai kickboxing fighting system with an organized curriculum that takes the "guess work" out of learning how to fight Thai boxing

Let loose and Lower your stress level with Top-Notch pad and mitt work

Learn the basic fundamental principles and techniques you need to have in order to improve for fighting as quickly as posible

     OutFox MMA will help to increase your longevity and to maximize the positive impacts of physical and mental activities. Our Thai Kickboxing classes provides that and more: physical activity tailored to your fitness level that is enjoyable and commitment-based to ensure your continued training, that will snowball into a healthful mind and body lifestyle.

...I was 339lbs when I first started, and now I'm 265lbs, It's incredible 

*The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.


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