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"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
- Anaïs Nin

Remember the last time you felt like you were really, truly living?

That rare feeling that your life is expanding in some unforgettable way, is hard to come by. It comes, for most of us, when we've pushed ourselves past what is familiar and comfortable. We might not know exactly what the hell we're doing, but we know it's the best damn ride we've ever been on.

This is the same type of feeling your going to get training MMA, Muay Thai kickboxing, or any of our martial arts classes at OutFox Mixed Martial Arts academy here in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A lot of us our stuck in our normal day to day mundane routine... Waking up and dragging ourselves out of bed, just to repeat what we did the day before, only to find out we're merly a watching life instead of living in it. Pushing ourselves past that comfortable line takes "Cahoonas". But when it serves to expand our world, it's courage well-spent.


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